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Friday, 11 March 2011

List symbols in HTML

I use this list for building my formulas in html on this site

F  = Newton Force  [N]

A  = Area on which the force acts  [m2]
A  = Wetted Area                  [m2

Q  = Discharge/ flow rate         [m3/s]

u  = Velocity                     [m/s]
v  = Mean velocity             [m/s]

V1  = Mean velocity before      [m/s]
V2  = Mean velocity after       [m/s]

m  = Weight                        [Kg]

g = Earths gravity= 9,81  [m/s2]

y   = Pressure Head  [m]

z   = Potential Head [m]

 —  = Velocity Head    [m]

D = Hydraulic Diameter = 4·R  [m]

R = Hydraulic Radius = D/4    [m]

u   = Kinematic viscosity       [m2/s]
u  water 20°C       = 1,00·10-6 [m2/s]

m = Absolute viscosity [kg/ms]
m  water 20°C  = 1,00·10-3 [kg/ms]

r = Density of liquid     [kg/m3]
r fresh water = 1000  [kg/m3]
r saltwater   = 1025  [kg/m3]

p = Pressure              [Pa=N/m2]

b  = Width orifice              [m]
h1 = Pressure at top orifice    [m]
h2 = Pressure at bottom orifice [m]

Cv = Velocity coefficient (0,97-0,99)   [1]
Cc = Contraction coefficient (0,61-0,66)[1]
h =  Pressure just before orifice       [m]

DH1-2 = Head losses        [m]
Sf = Slope hydraulic gradient caused by friction   [1]
ks = Surface roughness   [m]
hf = Frictional head loss   [m]
L  = Length                  [m]

Thursday, 10 March 2011

Web lectures at Khan Academy

Khan Academy has some web lectures on fluid (12 parts)
They are all useful for the course Fluid Dynamics 

Web lectures on Fluid Mechanics from NPTEL (india)

This channel contains a list of 40 web lectures on Fluid Mechanics!!!!!!!
Web lectures Fluid Mechanics
I have added the video's which a related to the course Fluid Dynamics from the Delta Academy

Monday, 7 March 2011